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If commercial collections are an important part of your business, then we are the Wright list for you.

Free Pamphlets

Free Pamphlets on Collections, Bankruptcy
and Commercial Law from the CLLA

The Commercial Law League of America ( publishes several pamphlets intended for distribution to clients of members on a variety of subjects. These provide brief but useful information and are attractively designed to allow a member to add information about his or her firm on the back cover if desired.

The following pamphlets are currently available:

Notice of Bankruptcy: What it Means and How to Read It

Describes important items found in the Notice of Bankruptcy, how to find what needs to be known and what each item means. A must for companies that may find one of their customers has filed for bankruptcy.

Preferences: What are They? How to Respond

Every creditor's worst nightmare. Discusses what to do if a bankruptcy trustee demands repayment of an alleged preferential payment.


What should you do when you ship merchandise only to discover that your customer may be insolvent? Required reading for anyone who sells goods on open account.

Highlights of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that the FDCPA applies to lawyers even when only performing litigation activities. The private remedies and potential attorneys fees for even technical violations make this a must.

The Creditors' Committee

One of the more powerful tools for all creditors involved in a Chapter 11, the rights and duties of the Creditors' Committee is discussed in this pamphlet.

Litigation: The Importance of a Witness and Documents

You, the creditor has authorized suit and the trial date is fast approaching. Who should be the witness, what should he or she expect in court and how to prove your case are covered in this helpful pamphlet.

A Teamwork Approach: Improving Collections Through Proper Documentation

It's your claim and you, the creditor initially decided to loan the money or ship the goods on credit. What information and documents you obtain before the transaction goes bad can be crucial to collecting. This pamphlet tells you what information you should insist on your customer providing.

A Guide to Effective Collection Procedures

Preventing delinquencies is one of the best ways to maximize your cash flow. This pamphlet provides ten helpful tips to avoiding bad debt problems.

What to Expect If You Want Your Claim to Go to Court

The costs you may need to pay to professionals as well as to the court, what witnesses you need to provide and the prospect of counter claims are covered in this pamphlet.

Delinquent Accounts Can Burn Up Your Bottom Line

Collections is a sensitive area for any business. When all else has failed and you turn a delinquent account over to a collection agency, you want to do so with a great deal of confidence. This pamphlet tells you how to best find a collection agency that can represent your company with professionalism, integrity and tact. Those that have earned and maintain the Certificate of Compliance and are members of the Commercial Collection Agency Section can meet your needs. This pamphlet tells you how to evaluate any potential collection agency.

Debt Collection in the United States: A Brief Guide for the International Community

As the volume of exports from foreign countries to the U.S. grows, so does the need for international credit grantors to understand the system of credit control, debt collection, litigation and bankruptcy procedures in the U.S. This pamphlet provides an introduction to our system.

Enforcement of a Judgment Across State Lines

You obtain a judgment in one state but find that the debtor or its assets are in another. Must you start over or does that judgment count in the new state? The answer is ... it depends! This helpful pamphlet may help.

Contested Litigation Flow Chart

Litigation can be a complicated process. If you would like to order a free set of the pamphlets and/or obtain information about becoming a member of the CLLA click here.